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With New Interface and Business Model, NextYellow Introduces Innovative Search Solution for Consumers

April 17, 2006

NEW YORK, April 17 -- Rewriting the book on how consumers use yellow pages, DAG Interactive, Inc., a subsidiary of DAG Media, Inc., has introduced, http://www.nextyellow.com a comprehensive online yellow pages solution that brings the services or products to consumers. Next Yellow breaks the current model of consumers suffering through the drudgery of making phone calls to businesses and ultimately plans to replace the conventional online directory with its free and more efficient alternative. The Alpha preview site went live on April 14, with a full service launch planned in June.

"Next Yellow represents a paradigm shift in the yellow page business. The old- fashioned world of 'let your fingers do the walking' is going to be replaced by our new 'let the businesses do the walking' model," said Assaf Ran, Chief Executive Officer of DAG Media, Inc. "It's really a complete reversal, businesses now contact consumers in response to their inquiries. Consumers simply type in their request and zip code and wait for their phone to ring."

Searching for anything from window washers to wedding dresses, Next Yellow facilitates accurate and instant automated matching between consumers' needs and business' capabilities. The robust website is carefully designed to avoid cluttered text and information overload. Bold fonts and quick links make navigation simple for customers, while state-of-the- art Web 2.0 features work behind the scenes to ensure a great user experience.

To utilize the application and its patent-pending technology, consumers fill out a request for the product or service they wish to find and their zip code. Once this simple request is submitted, Next Yellow matches the customer's request by geographic location and category in order to find the businesses or vendors that best provide what the customer needs. Next Yellow then uses a messaging system to let the businesses know about the specific consumer's need. The businesses then contact the customer. "In today's world where consumer is king, Next Yellow seamlessly and quickly delivers consumers the exact products and services they need without them having to make any calls," added Ran.